Still waters run deep

This lady will go places 🙂


Are you really mysterious?

Or are you just notorious?

Sometimes laughing so hard,

Sometimes crying so low,

You’re hard to interpret,

But you’re easily judged,

You stand so tall,

Do you ever budge?

Create a distance from people unknown,

Or a greater one from those already known?

Hopes too high,

Self-love too low?

You’re quiet most of the while,

Mistaken for being a bore,

A storm under that smile?

Or the calm sea about to soar?

Not prepared to say yes,

Too scared to say no,

You like them,

How will they know?

How does it feel,

When they tell you ‘you’re too meek,

Too shy or too weak’ ?

Do they know you’re made of steel ?


How much do they know of the stories

Beneath your scars,

Or the sleepless nights

Trying to break the bars?

So don’t be their version of PERFECT,

Be your own one,

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Three Questions

  1. Did you hack my computer ? or was it my mind ? or both ?
  2. Then what ?
  3. Who owns exponential time bounds ? Is there a value associated ?

The reason I entitled the post as three questions is because it looks cute and encourages people to read. In reality I have so many questions and so many comments. Anyway so I cheated a little (learning that skill) and combined some question into one.

Do you identify with Obama ?

Yoda your language is going to new depths. Don’t you use the 10ed number for me or else…

Yoda’s advise

This post is mostly about the boof-thief. So I went to the guy who students love and hate at the same time to house-sit and read the “book-thief”. I knew (I think) he was suggesting it but all the same. The idea I believe was to trap the real book thief, I guess.
Now I guess, believe, presume and premise that the booook-thief did not want me to show my pain to my enemy. But the book thief did not know that my paain is my strength. As soon as I show my pain to my enemy, the enemy will very likely turn to my friend

So Yoda O’wise one, what is your advise (pun intendended and un 🙂  )

Heart to Heart

Yoda and Wasti you may find this amusing

This is a different kind of heart to heart chat, as usual, not what you may have expected, if I am right that is.

The first chat is for the guy who students revere and hate at the same time. Buddy put your house in order. Don’t keep blaming your wife when you see certain ways of life are troublesome. Respect her intelligence, talk to her, organize your home well, if anyone can do it, it is you.

The second chat is for Yoda. I am still waiting, the power is with me. You know how I feel about pain. I believe you did try sharing once, try again, a little slower and we shall be fine. I think I understand better now.

The third is for Wasti, you lazy woman when will you start acting ?

The fourth is for my friend, you give me so much, I am indebted and have best wishes for you.

The fifth is for sister-bhai (you are smart enough to know your name). I do think we are good friends, you very likely had your hand in the game, that I am reasonably certain of.