Curves smooth and strange
Explore dimensions irrational

Surfaces glance trance intersect
Hyper normal subtle text

(OK Since @floatinggold commented this flying stuff needs a bit of grounding so
here goes, and thanks for the question)

In dynamical system theory, there are certain dissipative dynamical systems like the Lorenz system where solution to the set of differential equations is a smooth curve. However the solution is a fractal object, that is it has a fractional dimensionality, which using a poetic license I call irrational. The surfaces part
is a little detailed, it has to do with invariant surfaces, canonical transformations and integrability, which makes a fragmented connection to the last line. I have a strong suspicion that this does not help, but since you asked, 🙂

Author: strangeset

A nomad at heart, I enjoy observing, analysing, connecting, understanding and dreaming. I am a big fan of science and tech. Forever learning and experimenting.

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