Are you still measuring

Time in mililiters?

Universe just turned,

a few life seconds ago

Before newton said light

Rules local, picture global

Sometimes Axies do turn

If you really want the truth

Interferron does not interfere

However charting a path

through the weeds

Is no mean task

Intersecting with life

When a group welcomes visitors, they spread positive vibes, knowledge and enjoyment.

Just Sketching

2 February, 2019. One of the interesting things about Urban Sketching is the way that the act of drawing can sometimes very unexpectedly intersect with unsuspecting members of the general public. Let me give you an interesting example from this morning.

Today is the first Saturday of the month, the day our chapter congregates and descends upon a prearranged location. Our group of sketchers arrived at an unusual eatery called The Parlour with the intention of drawing what we eat, as well as those eating around us. The Parlour is a very casual, leisurely place comprised of several food vendors and bars, each with their own specialty product. Spread out over two floors in a sort of food court fashion are tables and arm chairs – exactly what the name implies, a place for patrons to “lounge” and visit. It’s definitely a “no pressure” vibe.

Our group was large today…

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Curves smooth and strange
Explore dimensions irrational

Surfaces glance trance intersect
Hyper normal subtle text

(OK Since @floatinggold commented this flying stuff needs a bit of grounding so
here goes, and thanks for the question)

In dynamical system theory, there are certain dissipative dynamical systems like the Lorenz system where solution to the set of differential equations is a smooth curve. However the solution is a fractal object, that is it has a fractional dimensionality, which using a poetic license I call irrational. The surfaces part
is a little detailed, it has to do with invariant surfaces, canonical transformations and integrability, which makes a fragmented connection to the last line. I have a strong suspicion that this does not help, but since you asked, 🙂