How to train your children…

Rule 1: Don’t ever tell them what you want them to do, instead if possible state the opposite.

My teenage kid touches my feet several times a day (in India, it is a mark of respect) once I made it clear to him that I dislike the practice.

Rule 2: Turn work into play

This is not me really, it is Mark Twain. My 10 year old regularly helped me cut veggies until he realized that it was work.

Rule 3: Gift right

While we all love to gift our kids, there is a difference between a brand new mobile phone and vacation on the beach.

Rule 4: Advertise well

Especially working with little kids advertisement is everything. Believe it or not, milk tastes way… different through a straight straw and a zig-zag one.

Good luck and feel free to share your secrets too.