Agony and Ecstasy of Mathematics

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who enjoy mathematics and those who don’t. What is interesting is that even those who enjoy mathematics don’t quite agree on how should mathematics be taught. On one side there are people like the famous mathematician John Conway who would carry fruits and vegetables to the classroom to teach students about geometry and curvature while on the other side there are people like the famous computer scientist Dijkstra who insist that right from the start, students should learn rigorous abstract concepts. My own belief is that majority of people develop appreciation for mathematics only through specific examples and that it takes a level of expertise before which one may start appreciating rigorous mathematics. I belong to the first category of people who think that playing games, looking at bicycle tracks and thinking of real life situations is a much better way of getting introduction to mathematics.

Author: strangeset

A nomad at heart, I enjoy observing, analysing, connecting, understanding and dreaming. I am a big fan of science and tech. Forever learning and experimenting.

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