The Story of a Witch

Fear may be irrational

She was considered to be a witch and was prosecuted for practicing witch-craft. In reality she probably knew about chemicals andtheir medicinal values. She used her knowledge to cure people. Her son Johannes Kepler worked out the basic laws governing planetary orbits and provided a strong support for the Sun-centric planetary system.

At times public perception and reality may be miles away. It takes a discerning mind to see the difference.

Life with a kitbag

Years ago, as a college student, I took part in multiple NCC camps. It did actually shape quite a bit of my thinking and interactions. I was a highly introvert teenager, happy with her books and 2-3 close friends. Reading always felt much better than talking to people. Then I attended a summer camp for preparation of the republic day parade in Delhi.

It was a tough schedule, waking up early, Stealing tools from the next tent to align ours better, parle-G buicuits (too many packs, I took about a dozen home), music practice late in the night. I take pride in the fact that I participated in a singing competition and came third (leaving out the fact that there were 3 competitors).

However a highly interesting part was, how complete strangers become friends. How conversations were initiated abruptly yet with ease. How my classmate, who was a below average student, shined as an amazing human being carrying extra work load and helping out sick people.

My appreciation for “Catch-22” relies quite a bit on my NCC experience.

Science or Tech?

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There is this love-hate relationship between science and Tech, proponents feverishly arguing since forever. As if there existed a clear line between the two, as if one could be defined and progress without the other. I being a self-declared nomad, rarely believe in boundaries and merrily charter all territories that my inner child wishes.

However, one explanation for the need to differentiate between the two, is the following. When you want to save someone’s life, the idea is not so much about “take as much time as you want but do it aesthetically and efficiently” as to “do it quick with whatever is available”. So practical use of science, respecting the time, space and expense boundaries is Tech, Do you agree?

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Meet and Greet: 6/1/18

Meet and Greet for today

Here is a link my post on the surprising way very different entities from microbes to elephants appear to obey the same mathematical law. The story does not stop there, even cities, companies and many other complex organisations appear to obey similar laws.