Invited lectures

I have been experimenting with giving engineering students a wider flavor of possible projects that they can take over using linear algebra and coding. Towards this directions we did the following activities.

(1) A session on reading an introductory article on chemometrics, followed by a quiz. The reading was open network where students were encouraged to find references and understand notations used. I gave a brief introduction and then let them figure out some of the technicalities for the quiz.

(2) A mechanical engineering colleague, Dr. Oza and a chemical engineering colleague Dr. Rabari talked to the students about various applications.

I hope to do more intense work with student projects this year. Your comments and insights are welcome.

Meet and Greet: 6/1/18

Meet and Greet for today

Here is a link my post on the surprising way very different entities from microbes to elephants appear to obey the same mathematical law. The story does not stop there, even cities, companies and many other complex organisations appear to obey similar laws.









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