The Beggar

One of my happy memories is that of a beggar. We were all kids about 10 to 15 years old. A bunch playing football in the yard of a neighbor at the end of the street. It was so much fun, dodging (my favorite), chasing, running. At that time a beggar boy about 12ish (?) came and stood at the gate. My friend P’s mom being a kind hearted woman asked the boy if he would like to eat something. The boy said no, he does not want food, wants to play. The sweet woman said in that case come on in and play. So for the next hour or so, the boy played football with us. At the end of the game he walked away without much ado. It is the kindness shown by my friend’s mom, a new knowledge that poor people don’t always need what you think they need and the fun of the game and friends (and possibly many other things, everything is multidimensional whether you can see them all or not) that makes it such a happy memory.

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Recently I asked one of my students to use dh instead of th becasue it makes people smile (in Gujarati the two letters look similar and confusing), she said dhankyu

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